How to Realize Your Idea Quickly

When you've got enough enthusiasm for your idea that you can't wait to hit the keyboard and change the world with code, take it easy.

You Don't Have to Code

Each line of code needs to be maintained, every time you add a line, the cost of your side project gets higher. So it will be perfect if it is possible to solve the problem without code.

Correct priorities for solving problems:

  1. No code.
  2. Write only front-end codes. (Including DAPP)
  3. If the back-end service is a must, write programmes that can be serverlessly deployed.
  4. Maintain a server.

In short, for development, the goal of optimization should be to reduce current and future labor as much as possible. If you have to write codes to solve the problem, adopt the tools you are most familiar with.

To What Extent should the First Version be made

  • Usable, helpful to users when solving the problem, or of value.
  • Provide channels for user feedback
  • Takes less than a month (depending on patience), in order to receive user feedback in time.

My Building Tools

  • TailwindCSS: Uses classes to define styles, which is easier than using CSS directly.
  • React: A moduled way to build frontend projects.
  • Next.js: Building multi-page apps with React easier with high performance.
  • Serverless: Maintainance-free.
  • Vercel: Deploy Next.js apps at one click, with performance guaranteed.
  • Dynamodb: A serverless database.